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The demand for support through the Inclusion Support Program has resulted in an unprecedented high volume of applications being submitted for Inclusion Development Fund (IDF) support. Applications are being assessed in line with the ISP Guidelines, as efficiently as possible, but unfortunately this is currently not within the usual timeframes for all streams of IDF support. The IDFM thanks you for your patience at this time. For additional important information use this link.

Contact the IDFM via email or phone about changes in relation to the following:

  • If duplicate funding has been received for the same or similar purpose within 5 business days
  • Where the funding is not required, e.g. child did not start at the service.
  • If the project is delayed or extra time is needed to complete the project.
  • If the service has a Change of Service Ownership or CCS Approval ID. The existing operator and the new operator are both required to notify the IDFM within 30 days of the change via email.

Contact your IA about changes in relation to:

  • If a service does not spend the full amount of funding on the project. If their IA agrees in writing, the service may spend the remaining funds on inclusion related activities to overcome the same or similar inclusion barriers outlined in the initial application.
  • Any additional activity undertaken in line with the agreed change must be declared when completing the online declaration on the Acquittal tile of the case on the IS Portal.