The IDF Subsidy for Immediate/Time limited Support enables centre based services to quickly engage an Additional Educator where there is an immediate barrier associated with including a child with high support needs, and an Additional Educator is the most appropriate solution. This is for a limited period of time to assist educators to address the barrier to inclusion, and decide on a suitable alternative and more stable solution.

The Immediate/Time Limited Support is a per hour funding subsidy to centre based services, to employ an Additional Educator to increase the educator to child ratio in the care environment to support the inclusion of a child with high support needs, alongside their typically developing peers.

Immediate/Time Limited Support is available to support services to include children with additional and high support needs, which may include:
  • children who have a disability or developmental delay, or currently undergoing assessment for disability; 
  • children who have a serious medical or health condition; including mental health; 
  • children who are presenting with challenging behaviours or trauma related behaviours 
Applications for the IDF Subsidy for Immediate/Time Limited Support are assessed by the IDFM and the service notified of the outcome within 5 business days.

Applying for IDF funding for Immediate/Time Limited

IAs will assist eligible services to apply for IDF funding. Services will apply for funding on the user-friendly IS Portal.

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Resources for Services applying for IDF funding

Resources are available to provide information about the ISP Programme and applying for Immediate/Time Limited funding on the IS Portal.

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Claiming for IDF funding for Immediate/Time Limited funding

Immediate/Time Limited funding claims are made retrospectively through the Child Care Management System (CCMS).  

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