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Adding documentary evidence to the SIP

The IS Portal is in the process of being updated in relation to the labelling of document types. At this time, when adding documentary evidence for a child, in the SIP under the Children Tile, please select ‘Health Care Card’, ‘NDIS Participant’, ‘Permanent disability’ or ‘Undergoing assessment’ as the document type to enable submission.

Contact the IDFM in relation to the following:

  • If the service no longer requires the Immediate/Time Limited Support approval, services must notify the IDF Manager within 10 business days. The service will be required to provide the date that the funding should cease and a reason funding is no longer required by completing the Final Review Form.
  • If there are changes to the circumstances in the original application, services must notify the IDF Manager within 10 business days. The IDFM will discuss the impact of this change and what action is required by the service to cease or apply for a change to the approval.
  • The service experiences a Change of Service Ownership or CCB Approval ID. Services are requested to notify the IDFM within 30 days of the change. For further information please refer to the FAQs.

Changes in the care environment

The IDF Subsidy for Immediate/Time Limited Support can only be approved once for a service for the same child. If you require ongoing support from an Additional Educator to include the child, you should apply for the IDF Subsidy for an Additional Educator.

Please Note: Requests for IDF Subsidy for an Additional Educator must be submitted on the IS Portal a minimum of 4 weeks prior to date the support is required.