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Adding documentary evidence to the SIP

The IS Portal is in the process of being updated in relation to the labelling of document types. At this time, when adding documentary evidence for a child, in the SIP under the Children Tile, please select ‘Health Care Card’, ‘NDIS Participant’, ‘Permanent disability’ or ‘Undergoing assessment’ as the document type to enable submission.

What is the Inclusion Support Program?

The Inclusion Support Program (ISP) provides support for eligible mainstream Early Childhood Education and Care services (ECEC) to address inclusion barriers and build their capacity to include children with additional needs; providing them an opportunity to learn and develop alongside their typically developing peers.

Inclusion Development Fund

The Inclusion Development Fund (IDF) provides funding to assist eligible Early Childhood Education and Care services (ECEC) to address barriers to inclusion that cannot be resolved by support provided by an Inclusion Agency or the Specialist Equipment Library. There are four discrete streams of Inclusion Development Funding.

Lady And Man with children

Strategic Inclusion Plan

A self-guided inclusion assessment and planning tool for early childhood education and care services.

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