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Rejected Claims

An IDF Subsidy claim will return a ‘Rejected’ status, or an error message will be received through the service’s child care software, due to the following reasons:

  • There are not enough hours remaining on the IS Case to pay the claim. This will occur where:
  1. a claim has already been submitted for the same week end date and there are not enough hours remaining for that week end date to pay additional claims, or
  2. the IS Case does not have sufficient funds remaining for the payment type claimed.
  • The IS Case is inactive, as no claims have been made for 60 consecutive days. If a service requires their case to be reactivated, services can email the IDF Manager in the first instance to This email must contain the Case ID, the reason that IDF was not claimed within the 60-day timeframe and confirmation that IDF is still required for all weekly approved hours, as stated in the Approval Letter.
  • The session report for the week has not been submitted or processed. If a service submits session reports after Sunday, or the service has submitted and amended sessions for that week ending, the service must wait at least 48hrs before submitting the claim. Claims can be cancelled and resubmitted if this occurs.

Where the service is eligible to claim, please take any action required. If the claim returns a ‘rejected’ status for a second time, complete the Inclusion Support Contact Form to request assistance from the IS Portal Help Desk to rectify the rejected Claim for Payment.