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Adding documentary evidence to the SIP

The IS Portal is in the process of being updated in relation to the labelling of document types. At this time, when adding documentary evidence for a child, in the SIP under the Children Tile, please select ‘Health Care Card’, ‘NDIS Participant’, ‘Permanent disability’ or ‘Undergoing assessment’ as the document type to enable submission.

The Family Day Care (FDC) Top Up supports approved FDC services to include children with a disability. The service must be including or seeking to include a child with a disability, or undergoing assessment for a disability with ongoing high support needs. That is, the child requires significant additional support from the educator, which is over and above what would be expected for children from a similar age in the care environment.

Where the inclusion of a child results in a significant impact on the educator, and the educator is then unable to enrol the maximum number of children as allowed under the National Law, the FDC Top Up provides an additional payment to the educator.

Approved FDC Services are eligible to apply for one payment per FDC educator.

The IDF has an annual capped funding allocation, and the approval of any application is contingent on the availability of funding.

IDF Family Day Care Top Up subsidy cannot be used in relation to assistance for which funding is the responsibility of a state or territory government, other Australian Government programmes or other bodies. Examples include:

  • Respite care to assist the parent or carer to take breaks from the care of a child with disability including for holidays, for personal or family needs, or due to ill health
  • IDF funding will not be paid to engage an Additional Educator in a home based care environment.


The FDC Service works with the IA to apply for Family Day Care (FDC) Top Up funding for a FDC educator.

Applying in the funding page for each funding type


Services receive payment for the IDF Subsidy for FDC Top Up by submitting claims retrospectively throught the Child Care Software.

Claiming in the funding page for each funding type


Changes may occur in the FDC Care environment resulting in a Change of Circumstance to the original approval, or to end an IS Case.

Change in the funding page for each funding type